The Umguza Rural District Council was established through an Act of Parliament Rural District Council (Chapter 29:13) and is regulated through the same Act, as a Local Authority.


Umguza Rural District Council is found in the southern part of Africa in Zimbabwe. It also forms part of the sixty one Rural district councils in Zimbabwe. It is one of the seven administrative districts in Matebeleland North province. It is located in the South West of the country, and is surrounded by a number of tourist attractions. Its area surrounds the City of Bulawayo. It is bounded by Matopo and Umzingwane Districts in the South East, Bulilima and Tsholotsho in the west, Kusile and Bubi in the North.

Geographic profile

The total area of Umguza is about 837 478 hectares of which part of the land is administered by the central government. The forestry area protected and administered by the Forestry commission occupies a total of 92 512 hectares

 Umguza is located in the Southern region of the country with the greater part of the District situated in the North Western side of Bulawayo. In the long run the district’s size might be reduced due the expansion of the city of Bulawayo  

Population size

The population was estimated to be 76 835 in 2011 with a projected 3% annual growth rate. This comprises of 41 120 females and 38 880 males. About 19 215 households comprise the district and the highest population being in wards 9 and 17.