This department is mainly concerned with construction, servicing, infrastructure development, maintenance of roads, stands, buildings in Umguza District.  In this department there is more appreciation of Sociology of Development. The URDC coordinates a lot of projects such as servicing of stands, housing schemes and drilling of boreholes. This all is done so that the organisation can achieve its objectives and mission. This is not simple but when implementing one has to have knowledge and various skills learnt in this particular module such as the use of Gantt Charts used to align time and tasks.

Since the department  also deals with roads construction  and  maintenance  I got  to appreciate   what I learnt from  Sustainable Development(HSEC) that roads are public goods  as I realized that they display the attributes of public goods like non rivalry – in that the residents of  Umguza do not compete with each other  in the use of roads and that there is non-excludability once the road is availed ( constructed and maintained ). No one can prevent others from using it regardless that someone has not paid his rates. However from the roads as public goods  I also appreciated that they presented the “ free rider problem “ in that they are maintained by the engineering department using funds from rates payers  and it does not  mean that those who fail to pay rates properly are prevented from using roads.The engineer monitors land usage in council area; prepare estimates of monthly Income & Expenditure and is accountable to the Roads Committee and the Full Council.

Sources of income for the engineering department include: land levies, sale of residential stands, lease of business stands, cession of leases, business licenses, pegging fees, building inspections,, lease rental, plan fees, insurance claims, tender fees, plant hire.