Social Services

This department generally looks after the welfare of the community. The Social Services Officer liaises with the social welfare department, the District Administrator’s office, NGO’s with regards to disadvantaged persons, welfare programs e.g. social welfare payments, food for work. In this department Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of Development and Sustainable Development is thoroughly practiced as evident by the projects under way in the District. More so these Projects implementation actively contribute to the mission fully as this is direct provision of services to the District in a transparent way and participationbeing taken note as the community is also actively participating in the construction of these projects through, fetching water, providing free manpower, and molding of bricks. The relationship of the activity and Local Governance is clear as provision of service in a transparent participative way that creates ownership of the project. This module is of paramount importance to the practice of local Government as it directly links to the activities undertaken in a Local Government institute like Umguza RDC.

The department’s objective is to equip education & health institutions with basic equipment to ensure improved services to the community. They also aim at providing low cost housing and primary health services in the local government area as seen by the free medication, low consultation fees, mobile clinic etc.Everyone is thus entitled to a good health facility near their homes and a good education as well. Practicing people’s rights thus cascades to democracy and latter into good practice of good governance.

This department does not generate much income. The little it gets comes from consultation fees at Council clinics, burial fees.Medication is given for free as it is a government institution. Government grants are also a source of income and their activities are done in coordination with the Ministry of Health.

Working hand in hand with other Government departments that complement the work being done by the department is an advantage too. The Ministry of Youth provides the department with a work force in different wards to assist in the projects and in return the youths get experience in self-empowerment coursesnamely, building, brickmolding and roofing. Participation of the community is thus evident as well as other stakeholders come in to develop the District at the same time developing their own skills. This activity brings about participation as an element of Social and further relating to Sociology of Developmentas is portrayed by the working together of government departments at a decentralized level from the grass root up in terms of rural development and youth empowerment.

Sociology of Development (HSOC) is put to play, especially during the interactions with NGOs. I learnt that before any work is done on the ground, aMemorandum of Understanding is signed between the URDC and that particular NGO so that the activities are known to the State especially under this environment that NGOs are seen as an antidote to the state.With such NGOs as Smile for Africa, the council gets assistance in the section of water and sanitation thus delivering services to the people in a transparentway efficientlyas the organization practically focuses on water and sanitation. The aspect of social is thus seen to be practiced in the organization. The vision of the organization and core values therefore significantly achieved as the department works as a team with other stakeholders and simultaneously providing basic services to the District. By signing the MOU, a transparentworking relationship is formed.

The department is also accountableto the policy makers and in our organization that is the Full Council.All activities carried out by the department are then reported back to the Social Services Committee, where progress of projects is evaluated and way forward mapped .In order to be accountable all projects under development are reported as per a visit, how much has been used on the project and against what time frame it is working with. Project planning management (SOCIOLOGY OF DEVELOPMENT)is implemented during the projects implementation.The module thus is relevant in the degree programme as it equips students with proper skills needed in Council management of projects.

is more seen in developments as Councilors consult the tradition leaders through the WADCOs and the VIDCOs are therefore assimilated with rural and urban development at the same time practicing and relating to good governance as participation from the grass roots up wards stance is taken to cognizance. All these efforts are done to achieve the organizational mission statement that aims to provide quality service for the populace of Umguza District.

Encouragement of gender equalityis practiced as it is seen with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Women led Forums so as to work in the District .This is also seen by the empowerment projects carried out by Msasa Project and the election of the Council Chairperson who happens to be a lady.Respect of the female sex also actively contributes to uplifting the core values of the organization and at the same time relating to good governance whereby equality is seen in terms of treatment in terms of the males and females of the organization.Gender and Development HSEC.